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Clouds of 12 years old to drill QinEr today already 10 years old

Posted Mar 06 2012 5:58am

For 12 years, keep the beam pumping unit with homework "kowtow" type operation, and LiCaiYun also moment kept into work a line, even if is good year 30 will also spend between measurement. It is with "do it like to do a" belief, both the husband and wife devotedly studying business, innovation work method, so as to make the number 5 of jilin oilfield company well for the team and advanced. Junior, LiCaiYun is number five in the measurement of the production between the son of help her to complete the winter vacation homework. LiCaiYun said: "we are all in the 12 years of production, the Spring Festival, we cannot leave here can only let her with kids' see 'us. Oil

The Spring Festival, LiCaiYun a is spent in the drill. This is the 12 th Spring Festival. For 12 years, they have never left drill half step, never a good and his family have a reunion of the Spring Festival.

12 years, also witnessed their son's growth. At first to, children just a few months, and now, children are more than 10 years old. 12 years, and bear witness to the well site of development, from the initial rugged, weed became a place, to now trees such as feed, clean and tidy model of field.

Should say, in the 12 years, they put the well site as his home, as his own ZeRenTian, intensive care, the careful cultivation, put this drill which ran in an orderly way, continue to create good grades, become the oil field demonstration unit.

12 years as one day counts for a lot, adhere to the shed, is the persistent. They didn't because the Spring Festival can't reunited with their parents and complained about it, not because of poor working conditions and then to repent. To do a line, loves a line, in the post, as they said, working silently, selfless dedication.

When we watch the lights, when the blossom a 21-gun salute, when we ate the hot dumplings, looking at Spring Festival evening party, and many like LiCaiYun the same comrade, still clung to the work, in order to the development of the motherland, stability and harmonious offer.

Please don't forget, we happy life today, today's stable unity, cannot leave that is still holding the position of the people's liberation army (PLA), the policemen, the worker, and so on. They sacrifice the Spring Festival and a family reunion opportunity, but helped the happy life of the overwhelming majority of the people.

The dragon is open, single old phrase, extremely delighted to meet Chinese New Year. Let us to LiCaiYun to the position of the Spring Festival, the salute comrade, you are working hard, also please you take good care of yourself and take care of the family, and the people of the motherland thank you, never forget you.

Each of us should be like cloud comrades are such as these selfless dedication of good comrade learning, to do my career, exert good of his duty, play your value, and the realization of his ambition and achieve ideal.

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