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Cities and Beaches

Posted Sep 22 2009 11:20am
I want to write about my weekend, because it was amazing, and frustrating too, but first I have to mention the elimin ation diet. I am still keeping at the same diet and I've still kept out all the things I mentioned in my previous post on the diet, (corn, soy, dairy, egg, nuts, gluten, seeds, citrus, red meat, poultry, fish-because of mercury just for a small period of time, and garlic and onions) but I tried to add in chicken last week. The coughing, eye mucous, fatigue, and brain fog came back. I don't know if it was the chicken or the corn and soy that chickens are fed these days, but I took chicken back out of my diet and I'm waiting for the symptoms to disappear. I'm having awful gas pains, so I'm starting to use proper food combination techniques (it involves eating separately different food that takes different amounts of time and different enzymes to digest) and I'm going to start with Garden of Life's Primal Defense again this week for some prebiotics. So what the heck am I eatin g? Warm blended root vegetables (beet, carrot, ginger, sweet potato), salads, fresh vegetable juice, blackberries, peaches, watermelon, sauerkraut, spaghetti squash, sauteed green vegetables, some rice cakes, and lots of ginger and peppermint tea. Ok, now for my wild and wonderful weekend...

I've just been in New York for a long weekend...the city and Shelter Island. I went into the city for a class on writing business plans for food businesses at the Natural Gourmet Institute. It was a haven for health nuts like me. I spent an hour after the class sifting through all the books they had in the lobby. I bought 2: Wild Fermentation and Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers. I stayed with my aunt's niece (on the other side of the family) and got to walk around central par k and see the Highline park in Chelsea. But other than that, I was pretty much stuck. My feet were killing me! I want to know one thing. How do you who have arthritis and live in the city get around day-to-day??? I know that there are cabs and subways and some people don't have the arthritis in their feet or ankles or knees, but seriously, how do you do it? London has this handicap thing where you can register with the government and get a certain number of cab rides each month fro only 2 pounds. That would be invaluable based on the number of times I took a cab from the grocery store while I was there.

Being in London for a month this spring and being in NYC this past week really tested my strength-my emotional tolerance-for this disease. I had to learn to enjoy the city by enjoying what was happening around me; a lot of times I didn't have the luxury of exploring faraway places. And a lot of times I had to be left behind because I couldn't keep up. I know it sounds incredibly lonely and sad...which it was, and that is what tested my emotional tolerance for this disease. But an unexpected positive side to this situation is that it brings peace to my life. Imagine being at peace with your surroundings, not constantly feeling the need to be on the go, enjoying the moment, sitting and observing, discovering treasures in your own neighb orhood, not feeling the need to create interesting adventures, but letting the adventures come to you. It may not sound wonderful, but I try to make a crappy situation into a good one. I may not do it gracefully, I might turn into a bitch for a few hours because it sucks and I just want to get to the corner cafe but my foot feels like it has 10 steak knives lodged into the bones, but I'm trying. I'm trying to have a life at 21 years old. As much as I believe we should stop suburban sprawl and move into cities instead of out of them, I don't think I could follow my own beliefs. I find myself planning my life around this disease more and more. Please, anyone else out there have suggestions for city life as a cripple? (Sorry if the term offends, I kind of like it, and it's true)

For now, the beach is my kind of place. We went out to my aunt and uncle's beautiful house on Shelter Island for the weekend. My parents and sister all came. My aunt has a garden stuffed to the brim with flowers, herbs, and bountiful roses. The roses! If you've never smelled a rose... Anyway, imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, and if you're close enough to the shore, waves crashing and the sea breezes can sneak in through your open windows. Every day. All you gotta do is put on your suit and take a short drive (if you've got feet like mine) to the shore. I can stake out my place on the sand, sit all day and swim when I get too hot in the sun. No power walking and crowd jostling involved.

Granted, I am a student and have the summers off from class. I can sit around all I want now, but what the heck am I gonna do when I have to get a job. Crap.
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