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cheap beats petroleum chemical industry, home appliance and so on these industries

Posted Dec 27 2012 9:14am

He lived JianBu minister on December 25, living at the JianBu annual work meeting said that at present there are places in the Cheap Beats By Dre city is restricted to relax and market regulation, the state council and the living JianBu has high attention and research. As a purchasing policy that can effectively inhibit the property market speculative investment pent-up demand policy, is in 2013 to continue. The sound of China special observer WangWeiJia to reading.

WangWeiJia: just live JianBu held annual work meeting issued a important information, the property market will be restricted policy in 2013 to continue. In many economists and real estate business calls for restricted to cancel the background of this policy pitch shows that the central regulation of the real estate market determination.

From the statistical data to see, this year China's economic growth trend has is quite obvious, according to general experience, once encounter this kind of situation, the central in economic policy decision-making time usually relax on the real estate market regulation. But this year's situation and different, in the face of the beats by dre cheap  economic structure imbalance, the real estate market of this rapid growth, even in the face of the obvious economic downturn momentum, the central also repeatedly stressed the need to adhere to the regulation and control policy not be moved.

Keep economic growth and ensure full employment, this is the national economic policy, but the main goal too heavily dependent on exports and investment in real estate development pattern, but has the obvious safety hidden trouble, so in the long run, promote economic structural adjustment, prevent investment foam is also guarantee the healthy development of the  economy, and the people live and work in peace and contentment is an important condition. In the face of the economic slowdown is strengthen control, display to real estate change has become us now economic policy a consensus.

But through the control real estate investment to adjust the economic structure is not a simple matter, land prices once suppressed the will appear a series of chain reaction in the second half of last year, with the slowdown in the real estate investment, iron and steel, cement, coal, cheap beats  petroleum chemical industry, home appliance and so on these industries appeared immediately overcapacity problem, economic growth and natural started reduction. So, curb the real estate investment and then arise related industry overcapacity, then a slowdown, it formed a circular chain.

Real estate regulation policy may increase economic growth in the short term the pressure, so people see China economy is facing challenges, it is suggested that once again 4 trillion investment. But the past few years, we have seen the real estate bubble burst, similar to bring tragedy story in Japan and southeast Asia countries are included: export surplus to promote their credit expansion, credit expansion stimulate investment expansion, investment expansion to improve residents' income, promote the real estate prices; But if the expansion of investment leads to overcapacity, international capital began to leave, all the scenes of prosperity has become a bubble. So repeat to follow the beaten track, maintain has unbalanced economic structure is only a dead end, only adhere to the present regulation and control policy is China's economic development in the long run.

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