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carrying Hong Kong electric group were watching cheap dre beats fireworks small ferry

Posted Dec 25 2012 3:57am

Xinjiang 21 Cheap Beats By Dre recruits sendoff congress held. From more than 2000 applicants of selected 75 minority women, Hong Kong will go to the army, navy and air force.

The government of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region chairman noor · BaiKeLi in sendoff conference that hope minority women in xinjiang as a youth's excellent representative, to keep good nature, study hard, train hard, and strive to become a qualified, outstanding of a new generation of soldiers.

In order to make xinjiang by new recruits to widen your horizon, improve quality, China's central military commission to make important decisions for the first time last year, from xinjiang solicitation for twenty name uyghur women to the navy. At present, there are 12 people in China's first aircraft carrier "liaoning," five people in the largest amphibious landing ship jinggang ship, 3 people in the most advanced medical ship service. This year, the new recruits in xinjiang expand to 1026 people, will be separately to the navy, air force, nanjing military region, Hong Kong unit and lanzhou military region east tablet forces conditions better troops and economy more developed regions service.

Noor · BaiKeLi said, this year for new recruits to the xinjiang mass outside in xinjiang cheap dr dre beats army, some minority recruits, this in xinjiang history is the first draft is. Naval forces in xinjiang expanded minority women sign after quantity, harbor, air force airborne troops for the first time to xinjiang sign after minority women, fully embodies the country to minority youth growth progress's deep concern.

Noor · BaiKeLi hope the enrollment of minority women studies assiduously the modern military science and technology knowledge, practice good military skills, in the people's army "melting pot" growth ability, improve ability, practice makes perfect.

Hong Kong lamma island a collision accident investigation committee 21 hearing at the end of the stage, will be on January 7th, renew for the Hong Kong for many years the death toll is one of the largest collision accident tracing reasons.

Comprehensive Hong Kong media reports, after eight days of hearing, the investigation committee 21 to summon more passengers make a statement. Among them, refers to a collision after "disregard to" Hong Kong small wheel "sea tiger number", the ship's passengers ZhouYiQi refers to the once heard someone shout cabin water penetration.

ZhouYiQi describe, after a collision in the cabin a mess, she was want to immediately take life jacket, but after a long time to get, cheap beats and ships and constantly yaw. Later, she heard someone Shouting quickly back to the dock. 3 to 5 minutes, she heard the sound of the engine start after ships sailed back to the dock, close to shore, she saw the stern left pop-up spray.

The collision accident involving a ship across the small wheel "sea tiger number" and a ship carrying Hong Kong electric group were watching cheap dre beats fireworks small ferry "lamma 4". Following "lamma 4" "lamma 2" also have the passengers were called to be for.

The sat "lamma 2" passengers LiangGuoWei is port lamp assistant director of recreation group. He make a statement, said found immediately after a collision asked the captain, the ship approach "lamma 4" to help save. He was called on male passenger assistance, will buoy and lifeline, etc into the sea, to save the 17 people aboard, part of the head injury bleeding.

At the end of the first stage after the hearing, the commission will be on January 7, to start another stage, the hearing will summon rescue workers about rescue operation, passengers have put on life jackets, respectively after summon ships built experts and familiar with maritime safety of expert testimony.

October 1 night happened in lamma island sea northwest of a collision accident that killed 39 people dead and 101 people were injured.

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