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Can the arthritis in my back be causing muscle spasms, numbness and tingling?

Posted by robzero

Hi. I have arthritis in my back(39 yr old male). So far not confirmed as ankylosing but some form of spondilitis. Very stiff in mornings and such. I have just started taking Clinoril for it. I found out that I only have one kidney and went off Piroxicam because I got scared of the effects on my kidney. I went for about 5 months without taking any prescribed meds for the stiffness. As time went on, my neck and back stiffness really got worse(especially my neck). I started experiencing numbness and tingling in my under arms and running down to both pinky and ring finger on each hand. Also, numbness in outer toes. Muscle spasms all over back, lower legs with burning, etc. Right leg gets a real burning feeling deep in the back that runs down the hamstring area. I went to get a message recently and the therapist told me that I was very "puffy" in the neck area and had some very tense large muscles in the back. Could these tense muscles be causing the numbness and such? I never really experienced these symptoms until I stopped taking anything for my stiffness. Please help if possible. I have been to several specialists including: neuroligst(says he thinks it not to be MS or similar), rheumatologist(not sure about the numbness but ruling out ankylosing). I have had an MRI on brain, cervical spine and hips. I am going to have the thorasic next just to rule out any disc issues, etc. I have a very, very sore muscle just to the right of my backbone in the middle of my back. Can these symptoms be realated to the combined stiffness of bone and soreness of muscle?


Thanks so much,


Rob in Atlanta

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