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But for some reason

Posted Feb 02 2013 2:29am
The rabbit is in the correct position should be in his upstairs, also is the monkey room export the left, but for some reason. It fall off!

As for how to fall? You point out the bottle of wine BUFF, to the stairs to drink wine and you'll see it.

We need to use the following method is simple point to this rabbit:

First do a goal macro/tar remember that gold small jumping rabbit monster. Then in the key set there is a goal and interactive options, he set a shortcut key.

Attention is not with the target interaction with the mouse slip goal interaction, general both of you mouse slip came to the fellow also fall...

Next, you need to do is, cancel the BUFF, on the bridge on the left to drink off potions. Target macro and target interaction key together on the, congratulations you picked up to this than in the GuShan jump torch with jade kirin, it really little technology content in it. I wish you all soon get small pet ~
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