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Bulls will sign the 3rd dunk king to assist you to Ross stray small potatoes, he gone to the Windy City

Posted Jul 31 2012 6:01am
The famous American basketball expert Yi Geli - Sam Bao Liu said the Bulls near signing three-time All-Star Game slam dunk contest champion Nate - Robinson. As reported by multiple news sources say the 2 main sides is reached on contract matters in accordance with intention.

To informed sources, the 2 main major sides need to remain formally signed with the future. Robinson joined the Bulls, the later can be five teams he played over the past several years - considering that 09-10 season, the lesser buckle has wearing the Knicks, Celtics, Thunder campaign and Warriors jersey NBA.

Last season, the 27-year-old Robinson took part in 51 regular season games, starting nine times activities like the of 23.4 minutes, surrendered 11.2 points and a couple of boards, 4.5 assists and 1.2 steals per game report card, shooting rate of 42.4%, The three-point shot was 36.5%.

Depending on expert analysis noticed that Ross will knee surgery recovery period to terminate March the coming year, that is in Chicago august, quite a few reinforcing the source cause for the best. Last season's game has become fully proved that Ross is not really present, great and bad the bull will likely be cut down tremendously. Watson and John Lucas III in making every effort, but obviously simply cannot meet the requirements with the team. Therefore, these off-season the Bulls sacrifice, respectively, joining the Nets and Raptors.

It can be worth mentioning that last week, the Bulls announced the signing of Jiujiang Hinrich, this sale is the similar that allows you to fill the vacancy of this Ross sidelined truce. Anyone can imagine, Hinrich year will temporarily work as the beginning guard, while Robinson served over the 1st bit there are various bench, and can receive considerable playing time.

Amazing height of a single.75 m Robinson jumping ability up various incredible action, as well as passionate debut soon ignited the fighting spirit of his teammates, the score way of the breakthrough as soon as the dumping, as well as being tricky to detect pull-pointers. Once he found the handle, you can get to be the team win the "X factor".

Hinrich and Robinson, the Bulls in addition have a first guard: Rookie Marquis - Teague, but Teague still have got to aged, the fresh season is difficult assume the duty of far too much.By Chen 07.31.2012
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