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Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm
So, yesterday was my birthday...yay! Along with Andy's dad, Eddie, my old roomie and one of my best friends, Kristen, and a couple of other friends (Andrea and Lindsey) from high schools', birthdays as well. Oh, and as I also found out yesterday, Dr. Hahn from "Grey's Anatomy", the actress (can't remember her name though) turned 40.

It is a little strange to share my birthday with so many people. Now granted I don't know Dr. Hahn so she does not count, but with the other people that I am close to it is different. When I was in high school there were six of us (all in the same grade) who all had the same we were not all close friends so it was not completely crazy, but still, that is a lot of people. The other thing is that those people are all on my actual birthday (May 22), but I know probably 25 people (literally, I would name them all, but it would take forever), whose birthday is within this same week. Now, as we all know how to count backwards...9 months before May is August...what the heck is so great about August that all these babies were created? It is hot in August people.

Anyway, I have never really minded the fact that my birthday was the same as others, although you do feel a little jiped(sp?) when everyone is singing Happy Birthday and they have to name 10 other people along with you...but ah, it makes partying a little more adventurous, I guess.

But this year, it was a little different. Living in a new town (which I love, btw) and not having Kristen to spend our birthday together (sad face), it did not feel the same. It was a great birthday, and the strange thing is, and the reason for my post is to say that it actually felt as though it was MY birthday...strange huh? I guess after years and years of spending your birthday celebrating with others at the same time, it kind of gets ingrained in your mind as though it is not just for you, although it is still as much my day as it is their day and vise versa.

My point, and I realize I am slow to getting there is this, I had a wonderful 26th birthday! It was simple, quiet, and just for me! Andy sang to me (and no it is not a crime in several states as he previously said, because he is a better singer than he gives himself credit for), at 4:30am, before he left for work at 6:45am, and a multitude of other times that I forced him to sing throughout the rest of the day :) haha. Then I received several text messages, facebook messages, blog comments, phone calls, and cards from numerous friends and family. Honestly, I am surprised that you all remembered! It was great. See, the thing is, I was really down about my birthday earlier in the week, because I was worried that it was going to be really boring, with just me sitting here on the couch (which is normal only for one more week, then off to work), with Andy having to work, some of our friends being out of town, and being away from "home" (OKC). But to my surprise and I am sure a gift from our wonderful Lord it was a much better birthday than I had imagined (go figure).

Andy got to come home early, we chat-ed for a long time, he made a wonderful dinner (tilapia, rice, corn, and chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream and mango salsa), we played the "if" game, watched "Grey's Anatomy," and read the book "Lamb" together. It was wonderful!!! So, all this is to say, thank you to all of you who helped to make my birthday great. Thank you most of all to Andy, who loves me more than I can imagine, for making it MY birthday, and for making it such a special day! I love you babe, you are the best-est, and I cannot imagine my life without you!!!! 26 is going to be a GREAT year!!!!!!!

Oh, And...Happy Birthday to Kristen, Eddie, Lindsay, Andrea, Stephanie, Amanda, Rachel, Josh, Wesley, Jameson, Joe, Jenny, Natalie, Brittany, Craig, etc., etc., etc., and Dr. Hahn.
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