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Posted Dec 08 2012 9:09am

BATMAN moncler jackets outlet AND ROBIN

BATMAN Moncler Jackets Men AND ROBIN #10 Review Mania

Does anybody remember that episode of Super Friends where Aquaman was lost in time? He (and I think Apache Chief was with him) had been trapped back in some prehistoric era by the Legion of Doom with no way to return to the present. In the most recent issue of Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo show up at Wayne Manor in the hopes of deciphering clues left behind by Bruce. He acts as Chairman of the Board at a Wayne Enterprises meeting and gives in to (and attempts to fight off) his mother influence. It seems her intentions for her son are less than altruistic. Big surprise there, huh? Also, that Oberon Sexton guy that we all forgot about by this time shows up again,hot on the trail of a killer who he believes is going to target Bruce Wayne next. It seems that Grant Morrison is finally tying up all of the loose ends and plot threads that he started way back when class="thumbnail_right">Cover art to BATMAN AND ROBIN #10 by Frank QuitelyI dug it. I loved seeing Dick use his detective skills and I always love the dialogue between he and Damian. Their relationship is one of the best aspects of this title and was sorely missed during those few issues where they were not side-by-side. I also thought that Damian actions at the board meeting (and the reactions of the stockholders) were hilarious, as were Talia comments about Teen Titans membership being the best Damian could hope for should he stay with circus oaf and his butler And we finally seeing a little more insight into Damian head! (SPOILER WARNING!) He actually defended Dick Grayson, believe it or not of course, he also gave in to her wishes and attempted to kill him. So I guess we have to see where that one goes.(No more spoilers from here on out)It was a fun issue that has redeemed the series after a pretty lackluster arc. and ha ha ha! Who am I kidding? You can shine a turd, especially one as stinky as that story. But at any rate, this issue asks more questions than it answers and has got me excited for the next. I looking forward to the Return of Bruce Wayne and the story Morrison has to tell. Now get Frank Quitely back on art duties ASAP! 

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