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Arthritis Pain Treatment in New York City

Posted Sep 22 2010 10:21pm

Arthritis pain treatment inNew York Citycan help patients maintain a better quality of life with good treatment and greater awareness.

Arthritis is a medical condition which requires personalized treatment along with the latest pain management techniques. Arthritic inflammation of the joint not only affects the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments but also the internal organs. Women are more susceptible to arthritis and the chances of being diagnosed with the condition increase as one ages. Arthritis pain treatment available in New York City lets patients take back control of their lives.  

  Pain Management Specialists for Arthritis

  Pain Management specialists who treat patients with arthritis include rheumatologists, orthopedists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. They work as a team and formulate an individualized treatment plan that is best suited to provide relief to the patient’s debilitating condition.

Arthritis starts off as an acute condition and in course of time becomes chronic. It is far easier to treat acute arthritis as pain can be brought under control in the early stages. Therefore it is important to pay heed to discomforting sensations like aching, throbbing, burning or even stinging. Effective pain management treatment includes the following:

  • NSAIDs
  • TENS Units
  • Heat/cold application
  • Exercises
  • Massage
  • Rest Splinting
  • Relaxation Techniques

Excessive stress on the joint can increase the intensity of pain. In such cases patients who may be overweight would be given the required support and assisted to reduce the extra pounds. Furthermore, a balanced diet would provide the essential nutrient supplement to keep the body healthy and strong. All this and more would be explained in detail during the counseling sessions. Patients would be asked to come in for follow-up care to assess their condition on a regular or routine basis.  

Maintain a Better Quality of Life

Arthritis pain treatment in New York City can help patients maintain a better quality of life with good treatment and greater awareness. It is important that both the patient and physician play an active role in treatment for speedy relief and prevent the condition from worsening. Premier healthcare centers spread across NYC have well-qualified physicians with years of experience in treating even the most severe cases.

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