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Apple iPad Mini, You're Worth It

Posted Oct 18 2012 10:14am

Apple has issued invitations to the media yesterday, will be held on October 23 at the theatre in San Jose, California press conference. On the invitation says "we had some (small) things to tell you." This means that the long rumored iPad Mini-Apple new Tablet product line of small and medium size machines will officially debut.

It is understood that the iPad Mini market time and first time will be in November, according to the previously listed circumstances, synchronization for sale listing except United States, it also includes Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Singapore as well as Hong Kong.

Apple iPad mini is about to uncover the mysterious veil, 7.85 inch mini figure now appears to be a certainty thing, other kinds of parameter data have been leaked in advance. Indications are, Apple will be 23rd in San Jose California San Francisco Bay area theater official release of the product. Currently, the most successful in the market belongs to non-9.7-inch iPad tablet series, Apple will release a 7.85-inch iPad mini, I give you 8 reasons to why buy it.

1. lower cost, 7.85 inch iPad will be cheaper

Third-generation iPad sells for $ 499, but ideal for mass consumer price point is under $ 400. Both in the production process and raw material costs, manufacturing 7.85 inch iPad mini has a lower cost than large size iPad. At present, the iPad 2 sells for $ 399, the iPad mini are more likely to be sold at $ 299, which will attract more customers. However, Apple iPad mini's price is set too low or is to be seen. In General, Apple never too fond of selling low-margin product, so the iPad mini sale price will be $ 299 is also unclear.

2. the public looks forward to more compact and portable iPad

Although Apple has launched the 9.7 inch screen tablets, however, they are already aware of the mass consumer market that needs smaller iPad. IPad mini is configured with a 7.85-inch display, and larger sizes compared to the iPad, more mobile features, Apple will also have the opportunity to provide more portable iPad product to the market. For consumers, iPad mini, you will be one of the ideal mobile tablet. What is more, Apple will also launch all kinds of iPad mini accessories, for example, iPad mini case. Just like the iPhone, Apple launched all kinds of iphone cases, such as cute iphone cases, stylish iphone cases, cool iphone cases and so on.

3. new tablet users

Apple's iPad appears to be very popular, but due to the high price of its causes or portable, many potential consumers are hesitating. For those who are budget conscious user, select either buy cheap flat panel products such as Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 or still in a wait-and-see State. IPad mini has the characteristics of small, portable, affordable alternative products will become more popular, more users will join the Tablet PC user base.

4. shopping season is coming

Why Apple chose release in late fall? The timing to launch iPad mini is because Western sections of a Christmas shopping season is coming. Launch new products before the season and last sale, can give consumers more choices, which is based on sales strategies to consider. With regard to the situation in China, from Hong Kong for sale should be a big problem, consulted n batches appears in the list of available countries and regions in mainland China, you can catch up with us before the Spring Festival shopping season.

5. Google and Amazon have paved the way for small-size flat-panel

It is clear that publishing on iPad mini, Apple is not has always been the pioneer role. Although the size of small tablets not currently Tablet sales as good as well, but Apple's major competitors, Google and Amazon have had laid a foundation for the success of Apple in the low end of the market. They are a smaller pioneer in the Tablet market, many tablet users are satisfied with their product fairly. This lay the foundations for iPad Mini to enter this market, paving the road.

6. try for next year's next-generation iPad replacement

Has been revealed before, Apple iPad mini tries on a new design concept, and this design concept is likely to apply in the coming year on the launch of the new iPad. If this is true, then launched the iPad mini part of the strategy is probably intended for next year's new iPad test water.

7. the business will become more like iPad mini

Up to now, the enterprise has a large number of unexpected applications that appear in the iOS platform. However, the Apple iPad's biggest problem is that it has no business like mobility and endurance capacity. Smaller frames and a smaller display, iPad mini could very well resolve the above issues. For business users, and overall sales will be increased substantially.

8. Apple's success

Finally, and most importantly, Apple is truly innovative high-tech company with the highest market value in the world, their management is know what you are doing. Although jobs that leaders of entrepreneurs has passed away, but Apple still under Cook's leadership to launch products to shock the industry, almost all of each product before they usher in a frenzy, each upgrade to attract more users. IPad mini are expected as well. Whether you like it or not, Apple is still to bring wonderful as previously.

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