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Apple iPad mini VS Apple iPhone5

Posted Sep 03 2012 7:51am

Media reported that Apple will intend to improve iPad mini's production in September, which makes a preparation for the October release of the product. According to industry sources from Apple's supply chain that iPad mini has been put into operation in June of this year, monthly output in the order of hundreds of thousands of units. But from the beginning of September, Apple's supply chain will raise monthly production to 4 million iPad mini.

It is reported that Apple's supply chain has now get full preparations for the arrival of the iPad mini, only waiting for Apple's signal, it will go all out, and the 4 million capacity to meet market demand for iPad mini is now to be on the sidelines. Due to the Apple Tablet iPad left good impressions on people, so people are willing to pay for their "high price" to buy it, this halo effect makes iPad mini occupy the market advantage.

According to the latest news that the Apple iPad in small size mini Tablet PC will be released in September, together with the iPhone 5, whereas formal sale time is October, Apple's iPad mini suppliers will supply output of 4 million units every month. The message said that in fact Apple iPad mini has started trial production in June this year, and Apple products the important contract manufacturer Foxconn also made an recruitment over the summer, but it could also be considered to be ready for the iPad mini capacity ramp.

According to the current iPad mini information exposing this tablet will have a 7.85-inch screen, resolution up to 2048x1536, uses iOS 5 operating system, price may be $ 299, which is 1899. There is news that is different from other competitors ' products, iPad Mini will be of a thin border design, which makes the display area larger. In addition, the message also claimed that iPad mini fuselage only 7.2 mm thick, this will be the most thin iPad. This product will be more like a magnified version of the IPOd Nano, rather than the narrow version of the iPad, and its prototype are similar to the 3rd generation iPod Nano. Besides, I have to say that Apple has driven many related products, for example ipad accessories, such as cheap ipad2 case, cheap ipad1 case, cheap new ipad case and so on.

Currently, Apple's supply chain has prepared for iPad mini on sale. Industry analysts are optimistic about the sales of the iPad mini, after all, small size tablet competition is quite fierce, and Apple in the small form-factor Tablet PC market will only be counted as latecomers, it is needed to be faced very keen competition from rivals such as Samsung, Amazon and Google.

Apple-reached another all-time high in the market is already an indisputable fact. Apple stock prices last week hit a historic high, the market value of over $ 600 billion. Market research firm Yankee Group expects Tablet sales will overtake PC sales in 2015.

A smaller size iPad rumors contributed to Apple's market value over $ 600 billion, this is Apple's charm. Smaller size iPad in fact there is no innovation. In addition to the changes in the size, what Apple didn't bring more innovative thing to Tablet market. Analysts believe that Apple launched the small-size iPad tablet computer, but also to meet the challenges of competitors.

Current small size of Tablet is a fierce competition in the Tablet market, the major manufacturers continue to push these innovations, new products abound. Start by looking at the Google Nexus 7, which is a position very clear product, avoiding the current Tablet market to 10 inches for the mainstream, incorporates several novel features such as Google voice search. It also was the first to pick up the Android Tablet 4.1 system, very attractive and handy as a model of excellent tablet, the design of Samsung Galaxy Tab P3110 is extremely appealing, while the same is 7 inches, it take the hive system, the more experienced. The most critical is that it retains the call function, can do both Tablet enjoy endless entertainment, but also as a phone to meet everyday needs; Lenovo ACER A100 is a meeting the requirements of young people 7-inch Tablet PC, portability is ideal. Bare metal weight of 410 grams, carried a portable convenient. Second is overall comparative fashion. ACER A100 provides a variety of color, styles, you can meet young people's pursuit of individuality. Third, prices more affordable. Guide prices less than 2000 Yuan, the price threshold is not high, meet the criteria for mass consumption.

On the Tablet PC market, the pressure on Apple has quietly growth, simply because there has been no real confrontation iPad product, before its exclusive first in market share. As more and more came out of the competition, Apple felt unprecedented changes in the competitive landscape, if the product is an extension of their original pattern, had failed to completely cover the market demand, therefore only hope that can make a difference in small size on the iPad.

Apple was not willing to launch small size iPad that is for fear of eroding its own iPhone user base. But now small-size iPad, as well as increased competition in the market, Apple had to re-layout your own product lines and coverage. Considerable competitive pressure faced by today's iPad mini. The major reason is that other manufacturers spend more time involved in the field of small-size tablet, many models to choose from in the market, and the price only over thousands of affordable products abound, a challenge to iPad mini.

In addition to market competition, innovation is still Apple issues that cannot be ignored. Current iPad Tablet product advantages are reflected in the high quality content in the App Store only, others nothing. From iPhone4 to iPhone4S from iPad2 to New iPad to iPad mini, new product changes are smaller, smaller size iPad basic there is no innovation, drop the size changes, Apple can give what people's eyes light up products?

Judging from the current form, size alone is cannot be resolved gradually stalled situation in innovation for Apple. Apple wants to continue in the Tablet market dominance, it is important to strengthen innovation. Now both the watchers and the capital market, including competitors, are waiting for the Apple brand. Let the tiller, depends on Apple in the second half will not be able to rely on the iPad Mini made a beautiful combination of brand in the market.

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