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Anxiety is killing me!

Posted Sep 07 2011 5:46am

Anxiety is quite a dreaded disorder affecting humankind. Many friends of mine suffer from it. And, what bewilders me the most is; my buddies are oblivious of the fact, that they actually have anxiety attacks. An anxiety attack is a dominant sensation wherein a feeling of fearfulness is created in the mind. The attack makes you feel stifled and it may seem you are actually dying. How Horrible! It is distinguished by unwarranted, blown up tensions about everyday events.


Roger, a dear friend has some serious anxiety issues. It all started when he was 24(He is 32 now). All day long he suffered bouts of depression and got panic attacks.He ingested all kinds of medications but curtailed the medication as he felt like a zombie most of the times. Over the years though he has coped with it and symptoms seemed to come and go as months went by. His considerable working hours and cut-throat ambition made his health worse. He felt the anxiety was slowly coming back to a point where it was shrinking his quality of life. This whole anxiety thing was taking a toll on his social life too. He was unable to build relationships and always felt uncomfortable in the company of people. He is still coping with it.


If you are one of those who fall in Roger’s category, you need to educate yourself in a better way to help you cope with it. The causes of anxiety disorder differ from person to person. It can be due to some disturbing event in your life or a fear of a thing you have experienced while growing. One of the prime offenders for anxiety disorder is worry.People with symptoms of anxiety disorder tend to always expect catastrophe and can’t stop worrying about health, money, family, work or school. The worry often is unrealistic or out of proportion. Daily life becomes a constant state of worry, fear and dread. In due course, the anxiety so dictates the person’s thinking that it impedes the daily functioning, including work, school, social activities and relationships.


The most common symptoms of anxiety disorders are:-


(a)  Pain in the chest or discomfort, choking, chronic worry and tension.


(b)  Dizziness or faintness, Fear of dying.


(c)  Incapability to relax and rest, Flushes, Headaches, Irritability.


(d)  Feeling of exhaustion, Feeling of being alien to the environment.


(e)  Fear of losing mental balance, having a lump in the throat.


(f)   Repetitive habits, Excessive sweating, shaking.


(g)  Palpitations (fluttering in the chest) or accelerated heart rate.



Medication is a viable option. Medication for anxiety likebenzodiazepins, transquilezers and buspirone are available in the market. Take it from me, go and consult a personal doctor for consideration, it may prove to be worthwhile.

But wait a minute, one should still beware of using medication alone shouldn’t be considered as the last resort as it has got its side-effects too. Medicines temporarily reduce the intensity and frequency of anxiety but complete removal of anxiety is next to impossible. I say, go and try natural remedies, alternative medication and think about them. Consuming herbs can be a way out for coping anxiety.  Kava is recommended for most people because it is the strong one. It enables the body to relax physically and mentally.

One thing that helped Roger the most was- chit chatting with his counselor, but man he got hooked on to her. I think all of his anxiety has been transferred to the poor female. Baring your heart to a good counselor will enable you lessen your anxiety levels because talking with others actually can give you a feeling of comfort. Being open to others can help you come up with options to deal with anxiety. Those could be options that didn’t strike your mind but naturally clicked when you engaged yourself in a relaxing dialogue with others. A hearty laugh will help you overcome the anxiety because this will distract your mind. Why not sing a few songs. Trust me; it’s such a stress buster. Learn to forgive. Believe me, when we hold grudges against someone we are letting that person occupy our mind, that too when he/she isn’t paying rent for the occupancy. How atrocious! Why not kill those negative thoughts and live happily without anxiety.

Go ahead. Don’t let anxiety rule over you. Eliminate it from your system once and for all.  


Shelly is a freelance writer with varied interests. She writes for Car Insurance among other sites.

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