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Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle and Diet

Posted Jul 27 2010 2:00pm
I wanted to follow up on  my last post about Dr. Mercola and David Wolf's talk on anti-inflammatory techniques by talking about my own experience and then outlining what they talked about.

First of all, I want to share a few things that have transformed my body and really reduced the pain and inflammation I was experiencing
The three most influential changes 1) I added noni juice, which stopped the arthritis in my knees and drained the fluid. I started with 1 ounce and worked up to 3 ounces/day. Some people won't need that much and it takes a few weeks to kick in. Because everyone is different, it won't work for everyone.
2) I also started eating 3 servings of green vegetables per day. Sound impossible? Not really...I add 3 leaves of fresh organic kale to my morning fruit smoothies (the taste is masked by the berries), I eat a salad with green leafies and some sprouts or I'll do lettuce wraps for lunch, and for dinner I usually do a home-made pesto on soba noodles with a big bowl of steamed broccoli with lemon juice, sea salt and olive oil or a variation of that.
3) The third change I made was eliminating some of the worst inflammatory food offenders: gluten, dairy and sugar. And by sugar I mean white cane sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup, brown sugar, brown rice syrup, excessive honey, and basically anything syrupy and sweet. These can also be hiding in any food that comes in a box, so I became great at reading ingredient labels.

These two steps alone can do wonders, but may not be enough if you are already in extraordinary pain with a lot of swelling and inflammation.

Below are other anti-inflammatory additions to your lifestyle and diet that can be life-savers when used regularly. This is a summary of the talk given by Dr. Mercola and David Wolf. You can listen to this talk here.

Barefoot walks outside: When we walk barefoot or touch the earth with any part of our body, there is a transfer of free electrons from the earth and into the body. This has a "grounding" effect and can neutralize inflammation in a powerful way. However, you must be in contact with the earth for about an hour to 90 minutes for the effect and it must be a regular activity. Try reading the paper, drinking your coffee/tea, eating your meals and reading the rest of this post outdoors!

MSM can break down scar tissue and is a powerful detoxifier. The regular dose is 5,000 to 7,500 mgs and the therapeutic dose to alleviate pain from RA is up to 30,000 mgs. I've heard this from David Wolf and my own rheumatologist. Try to find wood pulp-derived msm.

Vitamin C is essential for soft tissue function and for rebuilding tissue and collagen. David Wolf suggest 3,000 mgs, but you should consult your doctor. It is best to use vitamin c from food sources such as acerola cherry, kiwi, camu berry, rose hip and acai.

Organic, cold-pressed hemp oil and hemp butter for the omega 3 fatty acids. It is important to increase our consumption of omega 3's and decrease our consumption of omega 6's in order to get back to our natural ratio. Omega 3's stop the inflammatory signals in our body.

Acai Powder is a potent anti-oxidant and has been proven to deactivate cancer cells in laboratory studies.

Krill oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids which block the inflammatory signals in the body

Cucumber and Celery contain tons of hydrating water and electrolytes to cool the flames inside your body.

Organic Mangosteen Powder is especially useful in treating the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. I have not tried it before, but it sounds amazing and I will be trying it soon.

Emotional and psychological therapy. This is especially important. Therapy is generally considered a negative thing in our culture. We need to move beyond this limiting thought and realize that everyone needs to sort through, process, and release emotions on a regular basis. If they fester inside of us, they can cause stress, energy blocks and negative interactions with others. Some experts even believe repressed emotions can manifest as physical disease later in life.

So there is the summary! If you want to listen to the whole talk on my blog, here is the link
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