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ankle cramps both legs at night

Posted by helen

I have severe groin pain described best as shooting stabbing pain.  I also have hip pain on the same leg.. My hip pain is dull,but at times it is also a sharp shooting pain that I can get while walking. When this happens,sometimes the hip will buckle (as if falling)  The same leg also feels heavy.The other hip has the same symptoms but not as severe.  I also get terrible cramps in my legs and ankles at night(both legs).   My sed rate,c reactive protein ana have also been elevated. MRI lumbar spine is negative,and hip films show moderater artheritis.  I am limping when I walk. MyMD placed me on Predinsonefor possible PMR. The Prednisone worked only for 2 weeks until symptoms returned. Last visit she thought I could have bursitis of the hip and injectedit.  No relief.  Any ideas ? Thank you
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