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Always reported by the media as a disadvantage

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:34am
Always reported by the media as a disadvantage, as well as Nick teams restructure, which is that we should draw lessons from Lin Shuhao rise.Lin Shuhao courage to accept their own non-conventional NBA history, taking saiqi strengthen training, develop its ability to seize opportunities, and prepared to copejordan flight 23 rst sale   with unexpected successes and difficulties.Everything will change and will change soon.From Lin Shuhao deandongni arrangements over Boston Celtics team, Lin Shuhao edged the Lakers who shot after, before and after only a week's time.However, after just a month, quit deandongni quit.

According to the official website NBA China News, last week, the NBA announced the official best player, Carlos-buziol Claudio of the bulls and Thunder-team Kevin Durrant were elected player of the East-West last week.Election week best Durrant for the second consecutive week, season 4th election, buziol Claudio was elected for the first time of the season.Last week, buziol Claudio ledjordan flight 9 max rst sale the bulls achieved 3 WINS and 1 defeat of record.He contributed 23 points ahead of 4th place in the East, and 14.8 rebounds leads the League.In the last 4 games, buziol Claudio are two pairs of each.100-99 won by Celtic's 19 points in 20 rebounds of the game big two pairs.Durrant led the Thunder record also achieved 3 WINS and 1 defeat, contribute 37.5 points, and in the match in extra time to beat a calf get career highs of 52 points.
NBA announced a new strength, and topped the fastest ship in the West, the Spurs and the Thunder became the first group, record leads the League.After Christmas, the Spurs and Clippers finished with 11 WINS, 3-, Thunder 11-4-.Fastest ship in the case of Paul's been ruled out, 26-win Grizzlies eventually climb again, Thunder drop to third, rockets continued to fall, ranked 15th, the Lakers are still in the 19th.Rank di4-10wei are: maiamirehuo, and the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn basket nets, Indiana Pacers.Last week, their best team: luoshanjikuaichuan.In the case of Paul's been ruled out, record to 4-0, three of them away from home, Paul's been ruled out.Record the worst teams: Houston Rockets, last week was 0 WINS, 4-, and farther away from the playoffs.
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