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After the Korean we were bang on the waist of youth -- JOJO fifth spokesperson auditions second field will pull down the curtain

Posted Mar 05 2012 3:12am
Our ten year and ten years to life, but found the, now in childhood has been belonging to 00 after. They think it is a "free with the era of fashion", they are highly recognized "black culture", they like "JOJO" clothing. IKI no warning, after the Korean quietly into their children's life, like a gentle wind, blowing Air Max 24-7 on every street, blown into the children's classroom, blow into the children's toys...... Yet all this, has nothing to do with us, and we are concerned...... In August 29th, Shenzhen & Aberdeen clothing Limited's brand image spokesma Nike Air Max 2009 Running n JOJO fifth auditions auditions held second fervent, activity site Shenzhen Luohu District Mao floor 11 Women Ken Griffey Shoes stores. Before and after, "JOJO" once again become the children and young parents at one's leisure often hangs in mouth edge topic. On the morning of 29 March 10, the author in the Mao with be in the best of spirits of people take the elevator to arrive 11 buildings, suddenly feel the children brought a youth! The JALEO, many parents with children in the pumping of office lined up like a snake two column. According to the exhibition organizers staff: "the participants than expected, and the space is limited." The 12 sign in the pumping of the closing time, a total of more than 300 players involved in the game. At 13 a.m., the start of the race. Each group of thirty small players in turn came to catwalk and self introduction. Young players are JOJO kids enthusiastic fans, they are wearing various kinds of JOJO kids, on stage with their own unique lovely way to catwalk and self introduction. Each small players a Nike Air Max 2010 re able to attract the audience and the judges, either pretty or cute, humorous, either, either versatile, viewers to on-site activities around the bursting at the seams. Ms. Huang told reporters: "the parents see their children on stage, feeling very nervous proud! Feeling their children grow up quietly!" Mr. Wei is an audien Nike Air Griffey Max Fury 2012 ce, from the start to the end of the race he has been watching, active and the author talk: "suddenly I found many years not so keen to watch a no show, had not thought today in this manner, to feel long-unseen and look forward to the feeling of youth! Reminds me of my c Air Max 95 hildhood and adult along the village fair to the drive-in!" For the purpose, planning director Zhang Ping describes: "this is the fifth, the theme is" cool world ", on behalf of the JOJO children's wear brand characteristics and children's personality propositions. National Division six -- Sichuan division, Hunan divis... 
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