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AC Milan confirm Pazzini reached the base any time by physical examination officially announced

Posted Aug 22 2012 7:27am

But is not finally officially announced excellent, but Cassano - Pazzini exchange, AC Milan and Inter Milan has entered the last process, the 2 players are actually completed the new owner of the physical examination, only have to wait for the official announcement in this 4g iphone program.

Taken a lead Pacini, about 11:00 local time yesterday at noon, Pacini located the Milan your neighborhood hospital for medical examination, the AC Milan team doctor Mazzone attended a perfect first of the medical examination part after noon, Pacini AC Milan player's identity very first time to Milanello, the second perhaps the check. Chicago White Sox Jerseys About 12:50 and maybe, "market", said the medical examination have been completed, "Pazzini joined AC Milan all items have an end, now just waiting official announced 'crazy Pazuo to the' joined."

In Moratti publicly welcomed Cassano, and said: "Who will not tolerate Cassano, Pazzini also receive Mediaset television when, for the first time published a mood join AC Milan My organization is incredibly, yesterday, I know every one of those things, I'm really happy. "and asked whether becomes a substitute of Inzaghi, Pacini said:" Let's take a short look at it. "while Italian media said he could be getting down to mlb los angeles angels nolan ryan cream within the first round, Pacini not reveal an excessive amount, "Now we have got completed the examination, so will rely upon the specific situation, I am just happy."

Sky Sports has repeatedly said both sides during the night is often formally announced the completion on the transaction, however, Pacini couldn't be obtained in any case within the examination official announcement, perhaps simply because of the progress of Cassano, medical examinations carried out in Pazzini after Cassano until yesterday evening local time, before going to Inter Milan to disclose a medical examination Milanello side, Pacini initiated a policy of here at a Cal Ripken Jersey new journey, he chose jersey No. 11 after Ibrahimovic left also met his new teammates, and coach Allegri face-to-face communication, meaning that AC Milan and Inter Milan whenever may officially announced Pazzini and Cassano joining.

To be a former teammate and new teammates, Montolivo told the media: "I am quite possibly the most successful club across the world needing my mate the Pacini, AC Milan will be loss of a really player." Is actually "full market" 's words, "visit Milanello, everything here so Pacini was fascinated." Beneath arrangement, Pacini joining AC Milan's conference can be found in local time on Friday. It is composed by mlb-shop 08.22.2012

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