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Posted Dec 11 2011 12:00am
Now, I know, full well, that one of the first questions they ask Parkinson's patients is, "Do you see or hear things that other people don't see or hear?".....but, let me tell you my 9:00am Sunday experience on the way to church. I had been up since 6:00am getting ready for a very special Christmas service at 10:00am and decided to go on into town(6 miles)to get a special coffee for a special day from Mickey D's. I got in line and checked my billfold and it WAS empty. So I decided I had plenty of time I would go back home and find my money. I am going back through town, when I notice flashing lights in my rear view mirror. day is not going well and I am just trying to get to church for Christmas services. I start to pull over and realize a motorcycle.....a BRIGHT yellow motorcycle with s Santa in full dress, hat and all aboard. This was not funny enough. Around here at Halloween you see witches that look like they were looking in the other direction and flew into a telephone pole. Well this was an elf and his misfortune was the back of this motorcycle.....(GOOD MEDS,HUH?) Well, for almost 6 miles I flashed my lights at on coming vehicles as he followed. We parted ways at my road and I honked goodbye. When I got home, I could not find my money so I decided I should try to make church anyway so all would not be lost. As I am driving back I glance at my purse and my billfold is sticking out so I take a second look ......$30 dollars was sitting where (I SWEAR) nothing was before. I made it to church on time as usual and the service was very moving and serious.......though I had this feeling that God was once again having quite the chuckle at me.....Merry Christmas and love to all....Pokie
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