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5April 30, 2009Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things I would ask or say to myself if I was a stranger looking in

Posted Apr 30 2009 12:00am

1. Who put you in charge of the nuthouse?

2. Wasn’t sane part of the job description?

3. What is your title? Head Nut in Charge?

4. And your husband’s title? First Idiot in Charge?

5. What do you call your kids? Nuts in Training?

6. It is a good thing age of consent isn’t determined by maturity or else you would be robbing the cradle. Actually, you would probably be in jail!

7. You went to college for this?

8. You actually went to college?

9. So…you’re the smart one?

10. Do they pay you to put up with this nonsense?

11. How many times a day do you run out screaming for cover?

12. You must love this job!

13. I didn’t know farting was a physical activity.

And last, I’d ask myself if I would change a thing. And the answer to that would be, no. Being the only female in a house full of boys(my husband being the biggest baby of all)means having a sense of humor and as you can see, I do.

Happy Thursday everyone!. To join in on the fun, visit the official home of Thursday Thirteen .

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