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35 weeks and lots of contractions

Posted Nov 16 2008 5:55pm
Went to the gym today, first time since Tuesday (when I did a 3 mile walk with a little tiny bit of running). Did 2 miles on the elliptical, and lifted just enough to remember how to do it! Nothing major, but better than the previous 4 days of nothing. Guess my motivation is waning. This morning before the gym I was on the couch reading, and noticed I was having BH contractions all the, all the time. Still not painful or anything, just frequent. Fred and I went shoe shopping (no, not something my husband would normally be caught dead doing, but he needed some) after the gym, and honestly I just didn't want to be walking around. So I've been back on the couch since. Which isn't so good for my back. Geez, I sound pregnant. I FEEL pregnant. I even LOOK pregnant! But at 35 weeks, I guess it's about time.

Tomorrow is November 17th...a while back I posted about having a dream that the kid was born (speedily and painlessly!) on "the 17th." So tomorrow I might be a little nervous. I'm starting to count on having her here within 3 weeks...I hope that doesn't jinx me to be a 42 weeker...

I just ate a salad for dinner ONLY because I know we have Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia (frozen yogurt, though) in the freezer. I wanted to skip dinner altogether and just have the fro yo, but...I still have some self control.

Oh, and Friday night I had a baby shower. It was mom's friends threw it, but they are all in Michigan, and I'm here. So there were about 10 people at her house, and 4 at mine, and we used Skype to hang out and they watched me open presents. Strange, but nice. We got some cute things (admittedly, most I had opened before Friday, as they'd been coming in the mail for 2 weeks), and some $$ and gift cards so we can go out and buy the expensive car seat. But the best gift? This:
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