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33 Week Belly, and Musings About the Belly Button

Posted Nov 01 2008 3:25pm

A 14-week picture, for comparison.

As I'm typing, the kid is doing a jig inside my uterus. I think I can tell the difference between her butt and her legs but that's about it. When I put my hand on my belly I can sometimes tell for SURE that it's limbs moving around...they just feel long, narrow, and strong!! But usually I feel kind of disoriented, and I wish I knew what she was up to in there.

So I have this aversion to belly buttons. They gross me out. I dread having mine turn into an outie. So far so good, though it's definitely become flatter and more stretched out. I hope I can deal with the whole umbilical-cord-falling-off thing.

Did 2 miles (24 minutes) on the elliptical today, and then some squats and other things for my legs. All in all, an hour or so of working out. So I think I'm back to a routine I'm comfortable with, that even makes me sweat a little, and I should be sore tomorrow as an added bonus!

And I'm back to just expecting her to come around her due date, because if I get my hopes up that she's a little early (like Thanksgiving...which is in 4 weeks!), I'm bound to still be pregnant in January. (And if the kid is like me, she'll want to stick it to the doctor and prove that he was wrong and we knew what was going on the whole time. Uh-oh, I could be in for trouble with this one...)
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