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030 April 2006they didn’t kill all of my childhood

Posted Apr 30 2006 12:00am

I totally got drunken-dialed tonight. It was awesome.

Gloria called, to gossip about life in the N.J. Corzine, the so-called “Democratic” governor, has cut honours scholarships at the college my girl wants to go to. So now, smart poor people can’t go to college without sinking further and further into debt. Way to go, Corzine. Way to fail your constituents. Now we, sir, are in a fight.

Then, she hung up and went back to her drinking. I went back to getting squirted with a water bottle by Jim. I would say it was delightful, but then I’d be lying.

Work tonight was better than last night. Not only did I not get hit on all night long by drunken Army guys, but I also got to legitimately turn people away from the dinginess that is my motel. Why is that? Prom and car show. That is terrifying in its Southern-ness, that a high school milestone and a huge car show could happen on the same weekend, and that the people booking most of the rooms were car nerds.

But, that is not the best part of my night. I got to throw a bona fide temper tantrum when I got back from work. Like a two-year-old and shit. It was not even on my own behalf, but for my roommate. Her ex will not leave her alone. All stalkerish and shit. It’s creepy.

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