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01 May 2006looking for trouble in all the wrong places

Posted May 01 2006 12:00am

502 has become the hub for relational drama. It would bother me more if I didn’t sleep days and thus, sleep through most of it. Though, waking up to a break-up progress report is always interesting, but also more than a little bit unsettling. What do you mean she stood outside in the cold for two hours when you wouldn’t let her in? What do you mean she found a way to sneak inside and stood outside our door until you let her in? Let me tell you, I would’ve had something to say about this had I been here and not working.

Went to Walmart around midnight because I was bored and looking for trouble. Shockingly enough, I didn’t find it. All I found was an emo kid who kept staring at me in the checkout line. Really, I wanted to go out. To paraphrase Dane Cook, I wanted to dance. And, to quote Quinnie, I wanted to crush the souls of strong men. These things sounded like fun to me. I guess it’s no surprise, then, that Walmart was a big let-down. Even 24-hour Southern-style Walmart.

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