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Mar 04 2013 by moonlight311
son held his bowels for over a month and now has problem with daily dizziness,what has he done to his health and how can I help him get well
Oct 01 2010 by esurfer
hey!! nice pic=))
Feb 28 2010 by Draculess
Thanks I will keep that in mind. That's a really good idea. Glad to hear you so motivated! As for the bunny ears, well it was purim :P. It's like halloween in the dress-up area. Keep up the good work!
Feb 27 2010 by Draculess
Exercising is hard at first and you seem to be making a good start. Good for you!
Feb 27 2010 by Draculess
Wow you're being so good about drinking water everyday. I'm jealous :P. Good for you!
Feb 27 2010 by Draculess
Looks like you're doing great on eating smaller portions. That's hard stuff. Good for you!
Feb 26 2010 by Draculess
You started exercising good for you! What kind of exercises?
Feb 21 2010 by Draculess
Thanks for the cheering it helps keep me motivated :). The hard part is the slow weight loss and knowing that if I lose weight faster I might gain back. It's frustrating that it takes so much time ^^! Not to many small portioned meals, got it. I'll try to stick to my diet, and you keep strong too. Have a good, healthy food week!
Feb 20 2010 by Draculess
Wow, you're doing really well on portion size! I wish I had your drive!
Feb 13 2010 by Draculess
You seem to be doing great controlling portion size. Good for you!