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Water Intake

I find that if I keep a 2liter bottle of water in the fridge I tend to drink more water that way. I will sometimes put the 2liter right in front of...

My Diet Plan

Many years ago I weighed 195lbs and thought I was fat, so I went on a diet.  I cut the extra uneccassary sugars from my diet, and ate smaller...

Pain in left ribs that feels like cramps, shivers & cold feeling?

My husband is having pains in the left side of his ribs between the armpit, and his stomache.  He says it feels like cramps, he is also...

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Mar 04 2013 by moonlight311
son held his bowels for over a month and now has problem with daily dizziness,what has he done to his health and how can I help him get well
Oct 01 2010 by esurfer
hey!! nice pic=))
Feb 28 2010 by Draculess
Thanks I will keep that in mind. That's a really good idea. Glad to hear you so motivated! As for the bunny ears, well it was purim :P. It's like halloween in the dress-up area. Keep up the good work!