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Migraine Truth: Migraine Pearls or Onions?

When it comes to Migraine truth, nobody tells it better than patient advocate Teri Robert. On her blog at ,...

MigaineTruth Is Moving

I’m not tired of or done with writing about Migraines and truth. Not by a long shot. Yesterday, though, something happened that made me...

Migraine Truth This Week

One of my readers, renaissanceguy , made a couple of comments yesterday. In one of them, he made an excellent point. He said, This blog...

Migraine and Stigma: Here’s Some Truth!

For those of you who experience Migraines, are any of you NOT affected by the stigma attacked to Migraine disease? I doubt it. The stigma is...

Migraines, Blogging, Attitudes

Migraines or not, I like peace and tranquility in my life. I tend to be somewhat Zen about things, believing in a higher power and in Karma....

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