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is it true if you try to hard you wont get pregnant as easy

i have PCOS and have been trying for almost a year to conserve my mom keeps telling me I'm trying to hard and when you try to hard it make it harder...

walking 20 minutes

i found this website and now im going to try it out so i am going to walk 20 minutes a day 5 times a week with my fiance no only is it health but...

what are the PCOS symptoms

I have PCOS and am getting some strange feelings in my stomach and i get dizzy sometimes and some others can you tell me all of the symptoms of...

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Nov 12 2010 by tremedicure
Fine as usual, thank you.
Oct 14 2010 by tremedicure
It would be much better to do it daily. Cheers!
Oct 12 2010 by tremedicure
Yeh, staying alive and kicking always!