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working for cheap dr dre beats others growth into the independent brand growth

Posted Dec 29 2012 9:46am

According to the sound of economy the Cheap Beats By Dre  wide central financial review reports, near the end of the year, this year the foreign trade situation particularly remarkable. The ministry of commerce minister Chen deming today (and day) morning in the business for the meeting report said that this year is expected to our country foreign trade growth around 6%, well below the set at the beginning of the year's target of 10% growth of foreign trade.

Morning, Chen deming about foreign trade situation reveal not completed 10% of the set at the beginning of the growth of the target, the middle of December import and export in China a year-on-year increase of 6.4% expected this year, the foreign trade growth of 6%. In addition, on the positive side of the 2012 total import and export volume of more than $3.8 trillion, with exports to global share from 10.4% to 11.1% the left and right sides, the use of foreign capital's structure was further optimized.

But when it comes to next year's import and export situation, the ministry of commerce spokesman said the ministry of commerce YaoJian to global situation is still severe judgment, especially in the import and export amount in the short term is difficult to change, low growth next year in resource market consumption ability is still very limited cases, the ministry of commerce will still take a series of measures, including continue to speed up the progress of the export tax rebate, broaden the financing channels of trade, increasing export credit insurance scale, start as soon as possible, to develop the commercial insurance company export credit insurance business turn group, at the same time, the ministry of commerce will also promise further reduce and standardize various charges.

At the same time, WuQing cheap dre beats think in the long term, China's economy can't continue to rely on export oriented growth mode.

WuQing: many economists agree that China has can no longer rely on export-oriented growth way to maintain economic growth, but economic policy also stressed export. The financial crisis from 2008 began to export a great shock, but policy growth plan no adjustment. In export met a lot of difficulties, we are still trying to maintain the share in global trade. In the long run, China's economy can not continue to rely on export oriented the growth mode. China's economic needs is transformation, need new growth power.

2008 years after the financial crisis in the United States and China have a lot of difficulties, but the countermeasures are quite different, the United States indulgence enterprise collapse, enterprise collapse of the economy in the short term the United States by the strong pain, but enterprise collapse of these entrepreneurs quickly find new industry, enter a new field, the American economy although short-term down very much, but also picks up very quickly. The employment rate in the United States have now started to come.

In the process of transition, China's foreign trade on the original some advantages have been gradually disappear, and the new advantages and have not been formed, WuQing think the future of China's foreign trade export direction is the added value of products export growth.

WuQing: look carefully at the foreign trade data can see some window, such as the number of shipping in reducing the number of aircraft transportation, growth is faster, export tonnage growth is slow, but the amount of exports growth rapidly, this suggests that we export more than before and more valuable, more expensive, this is very good a transformation. In the future China's export to the direction of the change is to export the goods will be reduced, but we export amount will increase, we export product added value to growth, low labor intensive exports may also will increase, but the speed beats by dre cheap of growth will slow down.

China's foreign trade industry for the future it opportunity, WuQing think need entrepreneurs to do a lot of effort.

WuQing: we want to focus from quantity growth to quality growth, change from the previous working for cheap dr dre beats others growth into the independent brand growth. We want to more intelligence intensive and capital intensive exports growth, pure the export of labor-intensive products to reduce the share, conform to China's economic transformation of the development direction.

I think next year's export trade will also increase, and may this year with a similar growth, if export transformation can happen would be a good thing. China's economy can also learn to the U.S. economy, will bear some pains, and then will be born again.

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