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Womans Sports

Posted Jun 19 2010 3:34pm

Womans Sports

Buying sports gifts and collectibles can sometimes be the easiest and most fun way to buy gifts for your family, friends and colleagues. If they are a fan of a particular sports team in baseball, basketball, football, golf or NASCAR, you can bet that there are some sports gifts, collectibles and memorabilia that you can choose from to ensure that you buy a great sports gift.

· Posters

· Car Stickers

· Rugs

· Pictures

· Die casts

· Bobble Heads

· Clothing such as t-shirts, hats, baseball caps, sweatshirts, boxers, underwear, Jerseys and more

· Knick Knacks

· Other Collectible or Decorative Items

· Sports Cards

· Signed Memorabilia

Buying sports gifts for him can be pretty easy, as men are usually easy to buy for as long as you know what they already have. Determine what his favorite sport might be; baseball, basketball, football, golf or NASCAR. For each sport, there is a team or individual that truly stands out from the crowd. That team or individual will be a good starting point for finding collectibles or memorabilia for a sports gift. Find out their special team or individual and the sports gift will be even more personal. Guys are not that picky, but some thought should be put into that sports collectible or memorabilia for that great sports gift. Authentic, signed memorabilia is always a great sports gift. Add a display case for that signed collectible, and the gift is complete.

That should cover buying a sports gift for him, but what about for her?

Buying a sports gift for a woman can be a little more difficult than buying something for a man. She might be a little more picky than he is. The great (and bad) thing about women is that they tend to buy luxury and collectible items for everyone else, but never for herself, especially if she thinks it’s too expensive. You can almost always get it right when you think about what you know she would like, but what she would not dare buy herself. If you can figure that out, I can almost guarantee that she will love the sports gift you have chosen for her. If she likes accessories, see if there are any necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings or other pieces of jewelry that have her favorite team or sport on them. She would most certainly love that! Nearly all women love handbags. Is there a handbag you can find that has her favorite team’s logo on it? How about a tote bag with a hockey stick and puck for the all time hockey fan? Change purses are also becoming big these days with all sorts of sizes and styles available. Yes, women love to watch television, seriously! Does her favorite sport or team have a DVD collection out? Maybe there is a bloopers DVD out there you could get for her. She would love that. Just make sure she has a DVD player first. If not, buy her one! You could find a DVD set with the best bloopers, the best games, the best times, etc.

No matter whether their favorite sport is baseball, basketball, football, golf or NASCAR you can be sure that there are plenty of sports gifts for your fan including memorabilia and collector’s items. Just make sure you keep in mind the person you are buying for to ensure you are getting a sports gift they will love!

About the Author

Kevin is the husband of Becky and the father of 2, Nicholas and Kirsten. He is an avid sports fan and over-all good guy. He has taken his love of sports and developed web sites that offer that love of sports to others.

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