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wine spirit sundance uggs mixs

Posted Nov 15 2012 8:35am
seems the singer who gets into sun companies to carry on a training with her same period, afterwards she won, the Dai madder left, at present but halt to sing in this bar."Know her?"Don't know when and around at oneself nearby of play set the personnels all have already spread to dance, only Chen Qiang stays down and move to sit to his nearby."It is incognizant."The of course not may be her.The Luo Xi silently finishes drinking the wine in the cup.At discuss to go which place, he but the subconscious ground speak "foam bar", knowing perfectly welling her can't appear again here, is he will come to explore a class by himself of she kicks out."Just I in mind make a bet "Hold wine cup in Chen Qiang Shou, Hun however not in normal times the inside

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Gu Ao self-contained shape, seemed to order slightly drunk, ugg roxy tall boots the cheeks has a rouge sort of red and dizzy, eyes are bright to be fond of to receive.""Didn't add ice in whisky, irritablely hurtle into stomach, the view of Luo Xi was some faintness."How to don't ask me to beat beat what ugg sundance wager "Chen Qiang Xing the Mou half depending of piece the shoulder of the last Luo Xi, turn wine cup to have fun in hand.Other people of play set are all present medium dance, no one sees toward this corner."Beat what wager?"The Luo Xi absent-mindedly and freely asks.The "I make a bet you when can discover discover that I kick out they all discover at the moment sit at you nearby of is me is me " thick heavy wine spirit sundance uggs mixs her body joss-stick and send forth in the noisy abuzz bar a kind of oddity but mightiness of dhjkadhuijh sex appeal, " but ha ha you have been lookinging at that female kid of satge basically have no didn't keep in mind me ""How much wine did you drink?""Drank much wine ha ha " Chen Qiang covers up face into his shoulder, Nan voice smiles low to say, " but I am packing to inebriate ha ha "The Luo Xi lightly pushes away her head some."I send you to go home.""Why could you not see me that Yin summer Mo you know her to just have how long I always at you nearby do not you know?"The arm that suddenly holds close him, Chen Qiang Yang rises face to stare at him, eyes inside three divide slightly drunk seven peg out to come to, " you can not see forever I sundance uggs is isn't be like just you have been lookinging at that unfamiliar female kid can not see either I is isn't ""Chen Qiang ""Why Be not willing to see me?!"Confusing ray bottom, her eye bottom has true the tears of the Huan light, " afternoon I eavesdroped you outside the retiring room with her talk!!Ha ha ha ha I intentionally eavesdrop "Luo Xi immediately the body is stiff!97" Break up with her if she hurts you so if she makes you not happy ""We can't break up."The sea blue sofa grows a turn chair in, confusing change the dusk ray of Huan.The breathing of the Luo Xi becomes icy cold, he tries her hand is from own arm bye open, however she tightly holds tight him, the pertinacity doesn't understand that 1 ground shouts low:"Why?!BE I know first of you is me fancy first of you long time ago I once told you do you really think that I am playing trick at that time?""That how again?!"Luo Xi sudden Nu, voice inside deeply ruthlessness cold idea:"The time length of understanding is as deep as feelings or not-is completely irrelevant!"That is a sting in his heart He suddenly understood he at harm afraid of, understood oneself how can to lose control in the afternoon ground to speak those wound person's words to the Mo in summer.He isn't to distrust her, be just-The person whom she knows ugg roxy tall boots first Is Chen in Europe BE knowing him four years ago, she belonged to Chen in Europe.She to Chen in Europe really have no feelings the slightest?He still remembers five year agos she is under the plum flower tree the appearance that acts in pettish toward Chen in Europe, she stares uggs outlet at the look in the eyes of ugg sundance Chen in Europe And lately that photograph up, she is in the hospital anxious concern ground hoped get excited to save sickbed up of the look in the eyes of Chen in Europe Was like too much Didn't she realize by herself?But, he has already discovered, so fear to fear absolutely can not breathe "Is irrelevant?"Chen Qiang loses to smile, she keeps staring at he, say:"But, the Yin summer Mo cannot compares with me to your feelings to your pretty much of a!""Get away!"Imitate a Buddha be stabbed medium cause ofdeath most dead cave, the Luo Xi soft-voiced Nu drinks and devote major efforts to push away she!Chen Qiang is pushed to fall in the sofa, the facial expression consternation distresses again, gradually, the eyes inside confusingly comes to an idea to gradually spread to go and shows unintentionally the cold Ao of a pertinacity.She the cold voice say:"Do you need me to prove to let you see?""Do not need."The Luo Xi is cold face to answer.Chen Qiang but elephant completely didn't hear his message of reply
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