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Why Margaret Thatcher widened the gad between rich and poor people?

Posted Apr 12 2010 10:34pm

What happened? I read a few pages on tax , unemployment, buying new houses…But still, I can’t figure out i wich way some people maneged to become richer, and lots of them were extremely poor.

Your question is a loaded one. If you have been set this as homework it is a shame as the teacher must have a deep prejudice against Margaret Thatcher. Your question implies that this woman set out to widen the gap between rich and poor. I don’t agree. I lived through the period and saw no such policy or effect. No politician is perfect. Thatcher was the daughter of a grocer. She wasn’t born rich, she worked her socks off to get to the highest post in the land. But that means little to some people. Her control of the Falklands conflict was unsurpassed. I can’t see Gordon Brown grasping the nettle as she did. He would rather sell us down the river than stand up for Britain. Sorry about that. Have a look at Wikipedia. There’s a lot of info and it’s fairly unbiased, which is more than your question is.

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