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Why is my body tingling all over?

Posted by newgirl25

I have tingling in my hands, back of my head, legs, and am also experiencing tight chest pains. I suffer from anxiety and stress, and reading about all the possible diseases (MS) I might have because of these tingles is causing me even more fear and panic. I went to my doctor last month for this and she said I'm normal, even took my blood test. I'm not anemic or anything. The tingling went away after that visit but a month later it's back. 

I sit at a computer all day (8 hours) - could this be it? Or could it be something I'm eating? I do not eat any fats and rarely eat carbs - I load up on veggies/fruit/fiber and I have a healthy workout routine. I'm starting to get sharp migraine pains in my head as well. Please help.

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Ian Health Maven
Only tests would be able to determine what is causing the tingling, newgirl25. MS would be well down of my list of possibilities, with over breathing at the top. This is a common with anxiety.

While it probably has nothing to do with the tingling, you might want to get an opinion on your diet. Some fat is needed for the body and especially the brain which is itself mostly fat. Omega-3 fatty acids/fish oil supplements can add some very good fats to you diet and may help with the anxiety too, but you need some regular mono and polyunsaturated fat too.

Talk to your doctor about your migraines. There are very effective treatments for this.

Best wishes


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