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What would cause a beautiful, successful confident woman to have bad anxiety attacks?

Posted Jul 29 2010 3:15am

What would cause a beautiful, successful, confident woman to suddenly have bad anxiety to the point where she has bad panic attacks, fear of crowds and needs to seek a therapist?
@ Bananas

Thanks. But I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about someone I care about.

We can’t always know what’s happening in other people’s lives that would cause them to have mental health issues.

The human brain is incredibly complex. There may be a number of factors at play in your friend’s life.

1) She may have a genetically-inherited predisposition, whereby her responses to work or other stressful conditions manifest outwardly in this way.
2) She may have a chemical imbalance – possibly from overwork, stress, diet, or substance intake – which is showing up as anxiety.
3) She may have depression, which can manifest as anxiety.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that beautiful, successful women are not immune from the pressures of daily life. In fact, the opposite may be true.

We live in a day and age where expectations upon young people are far beyond reasonable. It’s an era of instant gratification, transient acquaintances, and material goals. The pressure on all of us to fit into this constantly-evolving society is greater than ever before.

Family structure and stable societal values are no longer the safety net they once were. Mentors are now few and far between.

Gently suggest to your friend that she should see a doctor or therapist. Don’t alienate her by being pushy because people with anxiety are prone to be ultra-sensitive to anything they perceive to be criticism or advice.

Whatever the problem, anxiety is usually the "canary in the coal-mine’. It is a signal that there are deeper, more complex issues beneath the surface. But don’t be too worried – these are very common symptoms nowadays.

Anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, and their associated stress-initiated conditions are treatable and, often, curable.

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