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What medicine can help with my agoraphobia?

Posted Mar 23 2010 8:28pm

I have a self-diagnosed case of agoraphobia, self-diagnosed because my symptoms are very similar to agoraphobia.

My question is to anyone who may have it. I am not sure if there are any, but what OTC medicines will help with the symptoms? I want to go to the doctor, but I would rather see if I can get some easy help before I go that route.

For those who do not know, agoraphobia is when a person can get very scared and panicky when placed in an unfamiliar place or when placed in large crowds.

Well there aren’t any over the counter anti-anxiety medications on the market. Well there maybe but they are probably homeopathic medicine (which for obvious reasons won’t work) So until you go and see an actual physician so he/she may make a actual medical diagnosis, you aren’t going to get any real results from OTC. Therapy may be more helpful the self medicating.

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