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What is the best way to control anxiety attacks?

Posted Apr 18 2010 11:12pm

I have very irrational anxiety attacks that make it more and more difficult to for me to drive my car. I never have them anywhere else… only when i drive… ANY ADVISE IS TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATED! Thank you

The car is where I had my first one, blacked out in fact. You need to see a counselor, they will give you some meds that you use when you feel one coming on, the car is one of the most common places for this to happen, especially on overpasses, bridges, and in traffic.

First rule is, get off the freeway and drive through town if you need to, because anxiety makes you feel trapped, know on city streets there is always somewhere to turn, and head in another direction, keep your windows down or AC on, and air will usually reduce the level of intensity of the attack.

Limit caffeine and other stimulants, niccotine, and stuff like that, as they will set attacks off.

Breathe, this important, this is why I blacked out, the feeling of helplessness, and death swarmed me so fast I stopped breathing, and lost consciousness wound up three lanes over dont know how I did not wreck. So breathe, a panic attack in the car is dangerous to you and everyone around you.

Overtime you will learn to talk yourself through the attack, and you will understand that anxiety/panic attacks are all mental, therapy will help you, and over time you will be able to cope.

Good Luck

If you want more info got to and look up anxiety disorders

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