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What is the best way for me, a preschool teacher, to assist a family with an anxious child, my student?

Posted by emferr889

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Ian Health Maven

Is the child being treated for anxiety? If not, the parents should be encouraged to have the child assessed by the child's doctor. Variations of the cognitive/behavioral therapies are often very effective in treating childhood anxiety.

Childhood anxiety is often related to parental - usually maternal - anxiety and/or depression which can complicate treatment. It is best if both the affected parent/s and child are treated. However, because of this, you may need to tread carefully in raising the child's anxiety.

At the daily level, gently encourage the child to engage in activities it is reluctant to become involved in. But don't force the issue as this tends to be counterproductive. If the child is undertaking therapy, the therapist may be able to suggest specific areas that you could work on with the child while it is in your care.

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