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What is the best medication for panic attacks?

Posted Apr 21 2010 1:10am

Dianosis with depression/aniexty/bipolar/ with panic attacks,
so what is the best medications or theraphy to help this disorder?

Doctors are very weary to prescribe it but Xanax is a miracle drug for anxiety and panic attacks. The key is to take it as soon as you feel an attack coming on. Xanax is addictive and is frequently abused. Doctors are afraid to prescribe to people that may abuse it such as addicts. Since I’m a drug addict and an alcoholic, it was almost impossible to find a doctor to prescribe Xanax. I found a doctor (finally) and I DO NOT abuse it. Actually, I have my Mom hold onto my medication and I just ask when I need one. I take 2-1 mg. tablets a day plus one if I really need it like if I feel a panic attack coming on. They may try to prescribe Trazadone. It made me feel very groggy. Xanax makes me feel much more peaceful but not "high" and I can actually sleep. I’d try different doctors until you find one that will prescibe Xanax (generic name is Diazapem). One thing is DO NOT drink while taking it, it’s very dangerous. They may also prescibe something else but Xanax is by far, the most effective for most people. Therapy is also very important. See a psychologist that you feel comfortable with and also think about going to group therapy. Check with your local mental health center for different therapy groups. Good luck.

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