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What is panic/stress related attack that would not require going to the hospital?

Posted Mar 27 2010 9:37pm

What would be syptom of being in panic, being depressed, or stressing out, that would not require you to go to the hospital, but it serious enough for concern?

Should you go to the hospital in case of Panic attack?
This question is primarily about a teenagers, but answers about any age are helpful as well.

You could perhaps go to the hospital for a panic attack- they would probably send a therapist to talk to you which could mean she would prescribe you some medication which could be a good thing. If they feel you are a danger to yourself or to others they may admit you to the psych ward. If you think your going to kill yourself you need to call/go to the hospital or call 1-800-suicide, they can help talk you through it. And sometimes Depression can get to a point where you need to go to the hospital. Maybe you should opt for an "institution". One that is reputable though and one that isn’t going to imprison you. You have to be careful for that now-a-days. If you can wait call a mental health center and set up an appointment with a therapist so you can get better. No one should go through these things alone. You don’t have to feel like this either-been there, done that. I’m so much better now so don’t think you wont get better because you will.

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