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What is a good medication for panic disorder and social anxiety?

Posted Jun 02 2010 4:59pm 1 Comment

I have severe panic disorder and social anxiety and I was prescribed trileptol and celexa. I’ve been taking them for almost a year now, and I haven’t noticed any change physically or mentally. Is there a different medication I should be taking?

Listen, I will suggest a medication, but I have a couple of things to say that WILL help you ALOT. Because medication is not always the answer.

You may need to take a medication for social anxiety but by all means, do not take short acting medications like klonopin,xanax , or adivan. You will become reliant on these meds. If you must take a medication try Seroquel XR(extended release, to mellow you out throughout the day) It will knock you out each time you take them for the first week or so, but after that it helps alot. Stick to a medium dose- you don’t want to end up a zombie.

Some tips -The more you expose yourself to social situations, the easier they become to deal with. You will be a little less anxious each time.

-Do not bail out, quit, or stay at home because that will only make the problem worse. [the opposite of the therapeutic effects of exposure.]

Finally- emotions come in waves. You need to jump in, stop thinking so much, and wait for the wave to pass. They always do. Good luck. You have one life to live.

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Its all very well saying dont bail out etc but when your suffering with social anxiety,panic attacks and associated depression its un believably tiring and I found counter productive to keep pushing to do lead to me having a complete emotional breakdown.. The more i pushed myself to keep doing things and putting myself into situations the worse i became...maybe for some with mangable anxiety problems may be ok to just push through situations but in my experience you have to take things very slowly and can need a period of time to just not pressure yourself
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