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what does it mean if i saw some one swimming in my dream?

Posted by TiJaY_v

this afternoon i wasn't feeling good. im in the 8th grade so im not big on exercising or any thing like that. but today i came home and i felt horrible. i must add that i had not eaten today. i usually don't eat breakfast or lunch at my school. stomache pains. my legs felt like they were throbbing. i couldn't lift up my arms. my head felt like dead weight. i went inside my room and fell asleep. i dreamt that i was writing on a piece of paper. i saw one word on the paper and it read "talent show 6:00pm" in the dream i went for a walk around my neighbor hood. it was late. i saw i girl who i had almost gotten into a fight with and a blonde boy on a scooter. he took me to the front of his house. i heard arguing so i ran off. the girl was nowhere to be seen. then i had fallen asleep on a rock near the beach. i dreamt of a big man with birds in his hands. i woke up later. i walked over to a stone house i had dreamt of before(im still dreaming). the man was there with birds in his hands. he told me something but i was in such shock i ran away. i had ran to the elementry school.i had seen some of my friends there. we all agreed to go to my house for the night. when we had gone to the passage way to my house, it was flooded with gasoline. a gasoline trunk had tipped over and let loose all of it's gasoline right where we needed to walk through. we turned around and found some other kids by a sewer looking place(it was much cleaner though). they were swimming in the gasoline. they thought it was water. i told them to get out but they didn't listen. then i went in. i looked up at my friends while they stared down in disappointment. some of the water had gotten into my mouth and i tasted iron(my mouth was bleeding today because of a cut i had gotten from braces). i got out and we started walking. and that was the dream. it makes no sense to me and i bet it won't make any sense to the person(s) reading this as well. i basically want to know why i had this dream and how can i prevent others like this from occurring again. this is not the first time a had a dream like this before.

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Ian Health Maven
There is very little evidence, TiJaY_v, that dream have any psychological meaning. Indeed, there is no entirely clear why we dream. However, it does seem to be important that we do dream, even if some dreams are scary.

Your dream may have been triggered by some, not necessarily related event. OTOH, it may just be that you hadn't eaten. BTW-missing meals is unwise, especially at your age.

I don't know of any way ensure you don't have bad dreams. The thing to keep in mind is that they are only dreams, not real life, and dreams can't hurt us unless we take them to heart.

Best wishes

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