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What can I do for my friend when they are having a panic attack?

Posted May 07 2010 3:32pm

My friend has recently been evaluated medically and prescribed Xanax for panic attacks that they get. I feel helpless every time they have an attack. Is there anything I can do besides get them a glass of water to take their pill? Please HELP!
My friend is male if that helps?

Just help them get through it, provide comfort, and attempt to calm them down. I used to talk my ex out of them, she would start to have one, then calmly I would ask her to explain why she was in a panic. Eventually it got to the point where once she started to have one, she would call if i wasnt around to tell me what was happening and she would talk smoothly and calmly untill the anxiety went away. She was bi-polar, so it was easier to tell when she might have one, but as i said, calmly and rationaly offer a shoulder, and an ear, and walk them out of it.

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