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What are the symptoms of agoraphobia?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  agoraphobia

I ask b/c I know I am displaying some of the symptoms. I just want to know if my symptoms are severe enough to discuss them with my Dr. One symptom is, I cannot leave the grounds of my home without going into a panic attack. Also, I feel terrified if I leave something terrible, like another 9/11 will happen. So, is this agoraphobia or paranoia?

Agorophobia is a fear of the unknown.It could be where you are terrified of leaving your home.Some people cannot even go out their front door to get the newspaper or mail.They feel fear and anxiousness and panic.
I will describe mine and see if you have any or some of these symptoms.I am unable to leave the house unless i take medication.This is important for me for my doctor appointments.
My husband goes everywhere with me,as i cannot go alone and i have been such a burden on my family.They have to make sure i get to my doctors appoinments and my phyciatrist appointments.
I would rather just not think of going because i lose sleep and i pace at night thinking of having to go out the next day.I sometimes have to open a window as i fear i can' t breathe due to panic from worrying about having to go to an appointment.I have had panic and anxiety attacks while out and usually my husband or daughter will realize this and take me out of the situation and take me home.I can' t breathe,i feel as though i am dying and that this the end,it' s over.I can' t control these attacks but i do try the breating exercises.I breath in through my nose ,hold it and count to five,then breath out through my mouth.My thoughts are racing all the time as i' m always trying to find my comfort zone.Which is in bedroom with the door shut and nobody around.This is a very serious problem and i feel that you cannot be diagnosed unless you see a doctor and he will help you.But it is alot of self talk that you have to do with yourself and be strong.

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