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What are some good jobs for someone with social anxiety and panic disorder?

Posted Mar 29 2010 6:31pm

I have been struggling with social anxiety and panic disorder since I was 16. I am almost 21 now and have been to many job interviews, but have not been able to make it through a single one without having a panic attack!!! I take medications daily, but with no luck!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Olivia

I’d like to give some solid advice to you about panic attacks, especially as you seem to have a trigger point which is the job interviews. There are many dead ends you can go down tryin to deal with this problem. I have a history of them and now I have dealt with them.

When a person has a panic attack they are frozen in fear. This is not cowardice. Panic attacks become a private hidden secret inner prison that destroys a person’s life and self-esteem. A person tries so hard to hide it even from him/herself. Panic attacks come on like a heart attack without a warning. It is a very similar feeling and hard to detect which makes it even scarier. The chest tightens, there is no way to handle the fear factor, the feeling that is paralyzing and comes from out of nowhere. Physical discomfort like a rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling, hot flashes and trouble swallowing regularly accompany the attacks. Panic attacks usually peak within ten minutes but can last 30 minutes. Sometimes panic attacks can last as long as a day. Many feel very tired and worn out after the attack subsides.
Learning how to stop panic attacks is a priority for the majority of those who have ever experienced them. This is because panic attacks are emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Some have gone so far as to describe panic attacks as emotional nightmares.

Although a doctor is a good port of call first in case there is some health-cause, medications do not always alleviate the panic attacks, especially long term, and those prescribed with anti-psychotic medication are on the road to further problems resulting from the consistent use of chemicals that eventually have a permanent negative effect on the brain.
I am not a doctor or a professional person, but I am a person that lived with panic attacks and has overcome them. I’ve had to read information and misinformation from sources that proscribe to know about panic attacks but they don’t. People give so many varied points of view on how one should deal with them. Persons that have panic attacks not only have to deal with the panic attacks, they have to deal with people who have a lack of understanding and arguments at the same time. Sometimes that even includes doctors!

There are now simple techniques you can learn to help you stop panic attacks quickly and easily and eventually cure panic attacks completely. These techniques have been tested and proven through research and actual application to stop panic attack quickly and effectively.

The deep breathing technique is one of them and is also called diaphragmatic breathing and is a very important technique to learn if you what to quickly know of how to stop a panic attack. The challenge now is when you are experiencing anxiety, focusing on proper deep breathing can be very difficult task. The deep breathing technique requires you to breathe directly from your diaphragm and is the type of deep breathing you do during meditation. This technique is simple and anyone can practice it when you begin to feel the symptoms of panic attack.

I’ve included a link if anybody wants to really get to know more about these techniques and how to stop the panic attacks completely and for good. I’ve been there so I wish you and all those on the search the best, and I offer lots of optimism because this affliction can be overcome.

Good Luck!

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