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What are some good anxiety relief techniques?

Posted Mar 23 2010 8:28pm

I have a lot of headaches that are cause through anxiety. Breathing techniques would be great too. Thank you!

A natural remedy for anxiety is to breathe slowly and deeply, holding one’s breath for five to ten seconds and then exhaling slowly. By concentrating on the sound and feel of one’s breath, the racing thoughts and worries will be placed more in the back of the mind than as the dominant thoughts.

It can be like training a puppy because the anxious thoughts want to return, but you keep returning to the breath and staying centered. Another natural remedy for anxiety is to think about how what one person finds scary another person may not. Keeping this in mind helps to show that the reactions can be very much related to habits of thinking and one’s fears from the past.

Some people find a walk in the woods, trip to the beach or golf game to be a natural remedy for anxiety so it’s helpful to think about what will calm your nerves and create an inner harmony to design an activity or place to help change your mood.

Another alternative Cymbalta is a medication that is used to treat anxiety problems. The generic name is duloxetine . The class of drugs that cymbalta is in is called selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors . This class of drugs help to regulate chemicals in the brain that cause depression in some people.

Cymbalta should not be used with those suffering from bipolar disorder or who have a history of liver problems. It should not be taken during the third trimester of pregnancy or used during nursing. Also it is not advised for people under 18 years old.

Some people have reported a rapid drop of negative emotional symptoms during their first two weeks. Good diet and balanced living is important with any medication taken for anxiety reduction so please don’t rely solely on the medication for relief.

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