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what alternative medicine is available for antisocial personality disorder?

Posted by jomalys

My friend suffers from the antisocial personality disorder and would like to get some natural remedy help with it. (psycopath).

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Ian Health Maven
The best non pharmaceutical treatment would be psychotherapy, jomalys. 

There are no alternative medicines that would specifically address antisocial personality disorder. Indeed, few of them have proven effectiveness for any psychiatric disorder, IME. 

Maybe your friend is not anti-social...just an HSP. A great book by Elaine Aaron

Most people with ASPD won't be honest enough to admit they have it. And if they do admit it, they're playing you. The ancient Greeks called ASPD's "The Soul Eaters" due to the fact that just being around them feels like the life force is being sucked out of you. If you don't feel this way around your friend, he or she probably has something else. If you do feel that way...RUN! 

I had dated a woman with ASPD last summer for three months and it took 9 months to recover.  Be careful....very careful.

Prayer is first and foremost.  Then tryptophan supplements, serotonin.  May want to have hormone levels checked (saliva testing) and have those balanced naturally through a compounding pharmacy.  Also, stay away from refined foods, and only use natural honey and maple syrup for sweeteners - and go easy on even those.  ... fresh fruit is best.  Eat nuts such as raw almonds between meals to maintain good blood sugar levels and keep sugar cravings away. Good herbs are St. Johnswort, ginseng, a good multiple and triple-strength fish oil from GNC.  Hope this helps!
Ian Health Maven
Then tryptophan supplements, serotonin.

While the amino acid L-Tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin, there is no evidence that any mental illness is the result of too little serotonin in the brain, nor, except in the first few weeks, do antidepressants increase levels of the neurotransmitter. In fact they reduce it at about the time they begin to work.

There are also risks in taking this supplement (and the related 5-HTP). It appears that all such supplements are still contaminated to some extent with Peak-X which caused the deaths of 33 people in the late 1980s and permanently affected the health of many thousands. L-Tryptophan may also increase the risk of some cancers.

For more information see: Serotonin: The 'chemical imbalance' myth
Try sound therapy. Your friend amongst other things, has an energy imbalance. Psychotherapy is an obvious one, but it is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. 
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