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What’s your way of dealing with anxiety disorder/panic attacks without medication?

Posted Jul 29 2010 3:15am

I’ve had severe anxiety for a little over 2 years now, and it’s gotten better, but I still get regular panic attacks. I have my own ways to calm myself down if I start to feel anxious. I’m just looking for some new, more effective ways to prevent panic attacks and live my normal life again. Any suggestions? Thanks. :)

People who are attacked by anxiety will experience a sudden surge of overwhelming panic. Sometimes there is a trigger, such as making an important presentation in front of a large crowd; however, other times there is no apparent reason. You suddenly become afraid that you might lose your mind. Because of the fear, you may not want to go outside your house and participate in social gatherings. This sudden panic paralyzes one’s normal social relationships and activities and therefore, one really cannot function as a normal social being. It is far more common than many realize.

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