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Weird pain at the bottom of my left rib cage.

Posted by redbeast

I have recently been noticing minor sharp pains (or discomfort) at the bottom of my left rib cage.

 Over the course of a year i have noticed a slight buldge in that area after i eat or drink water (sometimes out of the blue). I am aware that it may be because i have lost alot of weight (10-15kg) and might just be a little more consious of my body.

Sorry if my query might be a little childish, but it's the constant thought of it being something else that maybe causing all this discomfort...:/

It maybe because i keep rubbing it :)

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Ian Health Maven
My advice is to have it checked by a doctor, redbeast, if only for peace of mind.

Constantly ruminating over things like this can lead to an anxiety disorder or depression which is not something you would want. 

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