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Wedding Dress

Posted Dec 28 2011 1:23am
Every September was the "Busy Wedding Month" in pandora town. "Do you know Rachel (become pandora necklace at night)will get married this month?" Amy (became pandora bracelets at night) asked her sister. "Our cousin, Rachel?" "Yes." Amy answered. "Wow!" Emma (became pandora charms at night) cheered and said, "How old is she? Is she younger than you?" Emma looked at her older sister jokingly. "Yes, yes, I am older than her, and I don’t even have a boyfriend." Amy pretended to be angry. "What should we do for her? Does she buy her wedding dress?" "No, she called this morning and she hoped we can go shopping with her." Amy told her. "Alright! I love it." Emma said excitedly. "She will come to here this afternoon, and then we go to Rose Wedding Dress." Amy told their schedule to her sister in case of she had something else to do. Amy did not know why her little sister was always busy. "Coming, coming!" Emma went downstairs to open door. Rachel was standing outside with happy smile. They hugged to each other and went in house. These three girls sat and talked for several minutes and prepared for buying wedding dress. Rachel was a thoughtful girl, and she was very good at organizing. In Rose Wedding Dress, they looked at those beautiful wedding dress and tried one by one until when Rachel wore a white short dress with crystals on the waist. "This is it." Rachel said to them. "How much does it?" "It is five thousand dollars." Sales clerk answered. "How expensive it is!" "I know, I know," Emma said loudly, "We can buy it in Melody Wedding Dress. It must be cheaper a lot than here." Melody Wedding Dress belonged to Carol (became pandora chain at night), a very lovely old woman. "We only can buy it on Saturday morning, because it only opens on that day, today is Friday, and tomorrow is the important day." Emma seemed to fight with other people. Emma closed her clock and had breakfast quickly. Melody Wedding Dress only had one dress of one kind, so if you want to buy one in there, you must find it in hundreds of dress quickly before someone else may pick up it. Most of people had already been sleeping, but these crazy girls were prepared to buy their perfect wedding dress for their big day of life.
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