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We would love to see more proud

Posted Aug 01 2013 7:19am

 But I remember one a few weeks ago. You see, several of us are companion pet collectors with over a hundred apiece. So there we were in Ulduar at Yogg-Saron's pad after our third wipe, and everyone's all srs faise, trying to figure out how we're going to beat him, when suddenly you hear: ""BONK! ... BONK!"" And Bellamy asks in Vent, ""OK, who has their Nuts out??

 We all just lost it completely. What of other all-gnome guilds out there? Is there anyone else doing what WOW Gold doing?Sadly, up until I posted our achievement on the General Forums, we weren't even sure there were any other all-gnome guilds out there apart from Order of the Golden Gear here on Wyrmrest Accord. We felt certain there must be some. I even tried asking a GM about other all-gnome guilds, but he said he couldn't tell me.Since then, we've been thrilled to learn about two more: Hangin with my Gnomies, a level 2 guild on Emerald Dream, and Pink or GTFO, a level 15 guild on Lightbringer in the thread I posted on general. We would love to see more proud, patriotic, dare I even say militant gnome guilds, on every realm, flexing their gnome powah and showing the Tall Folk how we roll in G-Town!We notice you don't show any current raiding on your GM character. Does the guild have a raiding team?I did a bit of raiding during Wrath on my paladin. But personally, I'm more of a roleplayer and career casual player. Serious raiding is not really my thing.We don't have a raid team at this time. Although we do try to push our progression boundaries weekly, it is more important to us to include everyone on our runs and have fun than down bosses.

That said, we have conquered a great deal of older content, and there has been increasing interest within the guild to try our tiny hands at current raiding, so I cannot rule that out in the future.We compose our Saturday night raid groups from whoever is available at the time and adjust our targets accordingly. However, the first time we tackle a new dungeon, heroic, or raid and until we conquer it, the groups are strictlyguild-only. No Tall Folk allowed.We have 86 dungeon and raid achievements under our tiny belts so far. Not the most impressive track record, perhaps, but we're proud of it all the same -- because we earned each one with just six playable classes available to gnomes. No paladins. No druids. No shaman. No foolin'.

And every time we cut another giant raid boss down to size, it is another victory and another step forward for gnomekind. Raid bosses of Azeroth, beware! The pitter-patter of tiny feet is the herald of your doom!We have a couple of questions here for you from Twitter. From @EctoMaster: Is there an assigned un-punter?We had one, but sadly, we had to let him go. There simply wasnt enough work. Seriously though, people I don't even know come up to me all the time and Cheap RS Gold me. I can't even remember the last time someone used a lame punt emote in my presence.Gnomes on Wyrmrest Accord get much more respect today than they used to.
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